Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ethics Complaint Against Bobo Dismissed

Freemarket has the exclusive on the news that the Jud Malone ethics complaint against Delegate Elizabeth Bobo has been dismissed. Basically, the Ethics Committee supported Bobo's excuse:
CA is considered a private homeowner’s association by the committee, so according to the committee there is no ethical problem with Bobo using a taxpayer provided resource (her official delegate e-mail address) to stump for whoever she wants for the CA board.
Of course, the Committee doesn't recognize the influence that said "private homeowner's association" has on Columbia and its politics. Quite a bogus decision from the House of Delegates. Then again, they convened in a special session to hike state income taxes, recently approved speed cameras statewide, and are a generally corrupt body. Did you expect anything different?


  1. Seemed like a good decision to me. She didn't weigh in on a partisan election.

    And the committee probably did think about the influence CA has and decided it did not fit the law as a partisan election.

  2. We can agree to disagree on that. I pretty much presume that the Committee didn't spend much time looking into this because the State HOD doesn't have much ethical ground to stand on anyway.